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We suggest taking a beginner class before buying a drone.

Below are links to drone models we recommend.

Micro Trainer (no camera)

This is the drone we use in our our classes. It is the cheapest, most durable model we have found, perfect for learning controls and building the muscle memory needed to fly the more advanced models.


Cetus FPV kit

(everything you need to get started)

This little setup has everything you need to get started with a beginner brushed Whoop-style aircraft, including goggles, transmitter (controller), aircraft, and all the fixins! 
It has a useful altitude hold mode that really lets new pilots begin to fly quickly. Normally throttle control is one of the most difficult parts of flying to learn, but with this technology you can learn about moving forward/backward or side to side before mastering throttle control, which helps a lot of new pilots stay excited about flight while working thru the learning curve. 


AcroBee Lite Kit

(everything you need to get started)

A perfect place to start if you don't want to build or tune your own quad. This RTF (Ready to Fly) kit features the AcroBee Lite as well as the super durable cockroach frame. This kit already comes assembled and configured in Betaflight and bound to the radio. Simply turn on your radio, plug in a battery to your quad,

turn on your goggles and fly! No building

or tuning required, just turn on and fly.


TinyHawk III Kit

(everything you need to get started)

The EMAX TinyHawk III RTF Bundle!! This bundle features the EMAX TinyHawk III Quadcopter, EMAX E8 Transmitter, EMAX Transporter 2 Goggles, and RunCam Nano 4 Camera!

Albuquerque has an AWESOME FPV Drone Community

Some of the fastest pilots in the world live right here in Albuquerque. Unlike other adrenaline sports, FPV racers are humble, welcoming, and willing to teach.

We are dedicating to growing the sport and fostering a safe, respectful environment where all are welcome to fly, learn, and have fun!

We encourage all pilots to learn the rules before flying

Click the icons below to learn all the rules from the FAA


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